We fund companies that:

  • Are building a solution to address a specific problem.

  • Are working with customers to understand the value of their product or solution.

  • Have a team that can uniquely serve the company’s customers and build a business.

If a company meets these initial criteria, we can begin our due diligence process to determine if we will fund the company.

Companies can apply at any time, and our due diligence process typically takes 2-3 months to complete.


About 10% of companies
that apply receive funding.

Our Model

  • On average, we make 2-5 new seed stage investments and 8-12 new pre-seed stage investments in companies each year.

  • We support companies in our portfolio to help them grow.  Our support includes strategic advising, operational support, and networking services.

  • We work with other investors, organizations, and individuals with complementary skill sets to help our companies grow.

We fund companies by providing $20,000 pre-seed investments or $50,000-$250,000 seed stage equity investments.  A list of our investments can be found here.


Life Sciences




Material /  Manufacturing


Environmental / Energy

We Manage Two Funds

Kentucky Enterprise Fund

The Kentucky Enterprise Fund (KEF) provides pre seed and seed stage funding to companies in Kentucky.


Kentucky New Energy Ventures Fund

The Kentucky New Energy Ventures Fund (KNEV) provides seed and early stage funding to companies in Kentucky developing alternative fuel and renewable energy products and services.

Once we have committed to fund a company

We need the following documents before we can close a funding agreement.


  • Governing Documents
  • Investment Documents
  • Matching Private Investment
  • Kentucky Based Assertion Letter
  • Side Letter Agreement

Grants (KNEV Only)

  • Governing Documents
  • Funding Agreement
  • Budget and Milestones
  • Kentucky Based Assertion Letter

Interested in applying for an investment?

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